2022 Memberships are now due!

The annual dues for a member of Mercury Alberta are $5 per person or $10 per family.  They are due January 1 of each year.  Past members are asked to renew immediately, which can be done by downloading and filling out the following form, and e-mailing it to  Then please scroll down to the bottom of the page to make a payment.

NOTE: You need to download, fill out, and send us the form AND you need to make a payment below.

Membership Registration Form         E-mail to:
                                                   (or mail to: 47 Everglen Manor SW, Calgary, AB  T2Y 5G2)

Mercury Alberta’s commitment to PRIVACY OF INFORMATION: Mercury Alberta will not sell or give your information for commercial interests or for third party marketing. The information you give to Mercury Alberta will only be used for Mercury Alberta’s purposes, approved by the Board from time to time. 

INFORMATION CONSENT: By joining Mercury Amateur Radio Association (ALBERTA) (i.e., clicking on the "Submit" button above or the “Pay Now” button below) I agree to the collection and retention of my personal information for all purposes relating to Mercury Alberta’s operation as an association.  I also give my permission for the non-commercial distribution of my contact information in conjunction with the activities of Mercury Alberta, in the form and at the times directed by the executive of Mercury Alberta.

You will receive e-mails from Mercury Alberta on occasion to inform you of meetings, activities, voting, etc.  If you wish to NOT receive this information, please reply to any e-mail using “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the subject line.

2022 Memberships are now due.  If you have not renewed, please do so immediately!!  You can pay via PayPal or Credit card by clicking below.

Alternatively, you may mail a cheque to the Calgary address shown above.

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