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Ham Radio Licence


Here is a link to one file maintained by one of our members (VE6MU), which has useful information for self-study:

Guide to Self-Study

The materials referenced in this document will allow you to complete a self-study of the topic, which will prepare you to take the Amateur Radio Licence exam (Basic).  The complete database of questions is available, along with a program that allows you to compile (and mark/check) your own practise exam (all described in the document).

Classes Offered Elsewhere

CARA and FARS have information or offer classes for the Basic Ham Radio licence - you can access this information on their web sites:

CARA Ham Radio Classes

FARS Ham Radio Classes

You can also access information on classes for both Basic and Advanced Ham Radio licences on the RAC web site:

RAC Ham Radio Classes

The RAC web page also references other clubs throughout Canada that offer similar courses.  Note that RAC is starting a BASIC course in September 2023.  Check here for more information.

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